One-Touch Shutdown

One-Touch Shutdown

One-Touch Shutdown is a system management tool for Windows
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One-Touch Shutdown is a system management tool for Windows. The application has nothing to do with Maxtor One-Touch, the well-known series of external PC hard drives. It is, on the other hand, a simple application that makes shutting down your PC an easy task.

One-Touch Shutdown has a very simple graphical user interface. It consists of a small window with four buttons: Shut Down, Stand By, Restart and Log Off. If you click any of those buttons, the action will be carried out instantly. You won't see a confirmation dialog or anything like that, by default. If you go to the options, you can change that, and even assign a countdown message that can be used to abort the action in the allotted time. The application does not have a scheduler, so you can't use this to turn off your computer after you have gone to bed, though. Well, you can manage to do that, but the application wasn't specifically designed for that. If you change the time allotted for each action, you can get away with a 60-minute warning.

Another way in which this program allows you to carry out the aforementioned actions is by using shortcuts. You can create shortcuts that will trigger specific actions and change the same settings that you would change from the application (even allotted message time). Then you can place them anywhere and use another scheduling application to run them whenever you want. There is also a force action button, which will force all the running applications to quit before an action is carried out.

I think One-Touch Shutdown is a very basic app with one very specific goal in mind. It does its job well. It has a small memory imprint and can be used in alternative ways.

José Fernández
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  • All actions can be carried out from the main window, the system tray icon and a shortcut
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